Why XinerQi

Our Promise to You

Because transparency is everything.


100% Organic

Always organic. As part of our promise to never compromise quality, we strive to offer only botanicals that are free from pesticides, chemicals and GMO’s.


Native Locations

Lavender grown in a desert won’t be the same as lavender grown in the Mediterranean.  Plants with the highest therapeutic properties are typically found in regions where the plants grow best.


Sustainable Practices

We select growers who hold a a mutual vision of offering high quality and pure products while maintaining sustainable practices that will support our planet.


UV Protected Packaging


Ethically Traded

To produce high quality harvests, farmers need to afford the extra costs of doing so. XinerQi always pays fair prices, because you can’t cut corners and still expect quality.



No animal products or testing. Treating others just as how we wish to be treated, with respect.

Small Batch Native Sourced Essential Oils

At XinerQi, we procure only finely crafted ingredients through an intensive search for small, passionate farmers, agronomists and scientists all around the world. This laborious process is to ensure that our oils are sourced and grown ethically, while honoring the chemical compositions and volatiles found naturally within the plant. The quality and efficacy of most botanical products on the market leave much to be desired. Many companies promise empty claims to unaware consumers to increase profits. Dilution and adulteration are among the most prominent issues in the industry. XinerQi oils are not diluted and we never adulterate our products.

XinerQi’s promise to you is that regardless of the difficulty to obtain an essential oil, every product undergoes a strict quality assurance regime as part of our duty and commitment of standing against the grain of the market trend.  Every oil XinerQi offers is guaranteed as a premium when ranked in quality ensuring you are only getting the best and at the same time supporting the local communities in which these plants species thrive best.

Only Premium Quality Ingredients


As part of our promise, XinerQi offers you un-compromised purity, synergy, and potency. We select ingredients that are organic and/or wild sourced, which are sustainably and consciously cultivated from seed to consumer. In addition, our ingredients are traded fairly and ethically, free from GMO’s, synthetics, fillers, fragrances and dyes. XinerQi essential oils are sourced carefully and cultivated for potency and natural synergy.

Each plant is grown in its country of native origin. By doing this we can ensure that soil and weather conditions are able to deliver a product with an optimal synergistic chemical profile.
Next, the plants are put through a careful state-of-the-art distillation process to protect their volatile compounds and therapeutic effects. The oils are then carefully packaged in bio-photonic (UV violet) protective glass, to preserve the quality and the therapeutic properties of your product.

We carefully choose our growers, not only to ensure they meet our rigid quality standards, but who share the same vision of sustainability as we do. We intentionally work with small farmers around the world who care for the earth just as much as they care for their crops and income.

Excellent Products From People who care

While we want everyone to experience the powerful benefits of essential oils and extracts, we also want our growers to profit from their hard work have the means to sustain their families in these rural areas. We strive hard to work directly with the growers rather than purchasing through third-party distributors, brokers, reps and resellers. This allows us to cut out the middleman and offer competitive prices on our products while paying fair wages to our beloved growers and manufacturers around the world. Essential oils are concentrated volatile molecules, making them susceptible to degradation from heat, sunlight, and air. When exposed to these factors, the therapeutic properties of the essential oil decrease drastically. Standard amber glass bottles are cheap and do not guarantee UV protection. XinerQi’s essential oils are packaged in quality dark glass bottles, completely blocking out UV light and keeping the therapeutic benefits of your oils lasting longer and saving you money.

Small Batch


Essential oils

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