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XinerQi is your one stop for luxury therapeutic grade aromatherapy. Sourced organically and naturally from native lands around the world.

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Native Region Sourced Organic Botanicals.

XinerQi is a leader in quality. We source organic, clinically proven essential oils directly from global farmers to you. We source in small batch quantities, making it easier to oversee production quality and ensure crops are sustainably sourced following environmentally sustainable procedures.

The science behind aromatherapy shows that essential oils can be beneficial to a healthy lifestyle and serve as a possible alternative aid for cognitive, psychological and physiological functions.  Organic aromas can be added to unscented bases, such as lotion or perfumes, while offering effective therapeutic benefits.


Our Guarantees

XinerQi Organic Certification

Eco-cert, Wild-Craft, Organic.

As part of our promise to never compromise quality, we strive to offer only botanicals that are free from pesticides, chemicals GMO’s and more.

XinerQi Sustainably Sourced certification

Sustainable Practices.

We select growers who hold a mutual vision of offering high quality and pure products while maintaining sustainable practices that will support our planet.

XinerQi Native Region Sourced Certification

From Native Locations.

Lavender grown in a desert won’t be the same as lavender grown in the Mediterranean. Plants with the highest therapeutic properties are typically found in regions where the plants grow best.
Fair Trade Icon

Ethically Traded.

To produce high quality harvests, farmers need to afford the extra costs of doing so. XinerQi always pays fair prices, because you can’t cut corners and still expect to get the best.
XinerQi UV Protected Packaging certification

UV Protected Packaging.

XinerQi’s oils are packaged in quality dark glass bottles, completely blocking out UV light and keeping the therapeutic benefits of your oils lasting longer.
XinerQi Vegan certification


No animal products or testing. Treating others just as how we wish to be treated, with respect.

How Are Essential Oils Made?

At XinerQi, we recognize that essential oils provide an opportunity for you to achieve unity with the mind, body, and spirit. So, when looking into the type of essential oils you should buy, knowing how they are made is crucial, ensuring that your valuable money is going to quality.

What people say about XinerQi products

“I am extremely pleased with my XinerQi peppermint essential oil. The fragrance to me is more sweet and natural than other peppermint oils I’ve tried, and it has a hint of the smell of mint fields I remember from my childhood. I’m finding it to be helpful for my lungs when I diffuse it. Definitely a keeper! I highly recommend this oil and brand.”

Susan K

Partnered With Non-Profit

Saida Helping Hands

Helping with sustainable living for the people of El Salvador. 

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How Essential Oils Are Made

At XinerQi, we recognize that essential oils provide an opportunity for you to achieve unity with the mind, body, and spirit. So, when looking into the type of essential oils you should buy, knowing how they are made is crucial....

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